Welcome to ScientificWritingTips.com – an academic source of learning material for effective writing and publishing in biomedical journals.

We have been developing the following material which is freely available via this website:

  • a written series of 12 one-pagers addressing what you should know and what you should do with regard to writing the different parts of a paper and getting the paper published (this series is also availabe in Dutch and in German);
  • a series of animated videos about writing and publishing scientific papers, based on the beforementioned written series (this is work in progress); and
  • a series of cartoons, each of which highlighting one key apsect from every item of the written series.

You will also find information about a 2-day course on effective writing and publishing scientific papers which we organise about once a year in a beautiful country lodge in the green Limburg Heuvelland (the Netherlands). Please send us an e-mail if you would like to be informed about our next edition.