Welcome to ScientificWritingTips.com – an academic source of learning material for effective writing and publishing in biomedical journals.

Book coverOut now: our new book “Effective scientific writing an publishing – A quick guide in English, Dutch, and German” (ISBN: 9789090319216). The book is a collection of article-based series which originally have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals in English, Dutch, and in German, offering tips and tricks for clear and concise writing and to support authors in getting their message across to editors, reviewers, and the scientific community. The 12 papers of the series aim to cover the whole process from starting to write the first draft of a paper to responding to reviewer comments. The primary target audience are students, junior researchers and PhD students in medical and health sciences, although the series may also be useful for senior researchers who supervise less experienced colleagues. Each of the 12 papers of the series is easy-to-read, divided into background information (“What you should know”) and advice (“What you should do”), and complemented by a cartoons highlighting one key apsect. The book can be ordered for only €10 by sending an e-mail to op1lijn@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

You will also find information on this website about a 2-day course on effective writing and publishing scientific papers which we organise about once a year in a beautiful country lodge in the green Limburg Heuvelland (the Netherlands). Please send us an e-mail if you would like to be informed about our next edition.

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