The 2-day course

Due to the impact of the corona virus, there will be no course in 2020. We are hoping to organise the next edition in 2021. If you would like to be informed about the next edition of the Heuvellandcursus, please send an e-mail to heuvellandcursus [at] maastrichtuniversity [dot] nl.

Contents of the course

Where do I start? How do I construct a clear and logical story?

  • Tips & tricks for the structure of a powerful paper
  • Do’s and don’ts of titles, abstracts, tables, figures and references
  • Finding the most effective way from research idea to PubMed

What to do when and with whom?

  • The optimal plan for the writing and publication process
  • Collaborating with co-authors and supervisors
  • Organising scientific output

Journals and the reviewing process

  • The wondrous world of impact factors
  • Submitting, revising, and re-submitting

 Meet the editor

  • Behind the scenes of editorial offices
  • Question & answer with the editor of an indexed journal

Icing on the cake

  • A Burgundian walk in an inspiring surrounding
Organisation and application

Teachers: Prof. Daniel Kotz (Düsseldorf University Hospital) & Prof. Jochen Cals (Maastricht University).

Course administrator: Susanne Hanssen, phone: 0031 43 3882815, mail: heuvellandcursus [at] maastrichtuniversity [dot] nl.

Primary target audience: junior researchers and PhD students from health, medical, and life sciences who wish to write articles for peer-reviewed journals more effectively and efficiently, with a focus on biomedical research.

Costs: €499 for researchers affiliated to an academic institution (others €699), including all materials, accommodation in luxury one-person bedrooms, all meals and beverages (breakfast, 2x lunch, dinner, drinks), as well as a green and inspiring surrounding. The county lodge is easily accessible by car and public transport (20km from Maastricht).

Please note: this is an interactive and therefore small-scaled course (the maximum number of participants is 20). Enrolment occurs on a first come-first serve principle; full = full.

To apply please download the registration form here, complete and return it by e-mail to:

Some impressions from previous courses

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